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Last Updated: February 10, 2017

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Limo Toledo vs. The Other Guys

1. Beautiful late model limousines garaged and maintained to the highest standards.
1. May or may not be current styles, kept outside in the elements and repaired only after a road breakdown with you in it!
2. Make sure you can make an appointment to see these vehicles.
2. Will not show or meet you and make excuses that they are out of town.
3. Eight years of proven reliability and excellent limousine service in the Toledo area.
3.Started yesterday, last week or last year
no proven track record!
4. Very competitive rental rates. Quality limousine service to rates "ratio" = very high.
Our prices include tax and tip!
4. Cheap rates = lousy service!
Tax, tip and travel not included.
5. Professional, experienced mature drivers dressed appropriately in suits or tuxedos
and fresh for every trip.
5. High turnover rates of burned out "airport transfers all week long drivers" arriving in wrinkled suits and bad attitudes!
6. All of our vehicles are owned and insured by "" for our
business and customers only.
6. May have other companies own or sub-rent their vehicles to them to appear bigger or more successful than
they really are!
7. After the required minimum hours we charge in 15-minute increments to accommodate your actual needs and help keep costs down.
7. Charge in 1-hour increments or push half to full day rental packages costing you more in the end with needless
extra hours and hidden charges.
8. Straight forward contract, which contains
information, you need and want.
8. Lengthy, wordy contracts that almost require a lawyer to interpret containing surprises that could cause you more trouble than they're worth in the end or not even a contract.
9. Company name and mandated DOT numbers discreetly placed on the outside of the vehicles providing a more exclusive look for our preferred customers.
9. No Company logo, DOT numbers or INSPECTION STICKERS showing proper inspections for OHIO and MICHIGAN.
10. Member of several professional organizations including the National Limousine Association, Your U & I Bridal Magazine.
10. Not interested in maintaining professional standards or obligations. Take your chances!
11. Thousands of very satisfied customers who use "" over and over again!  Sponsored by 92.5 Kiss FM and Fat Fish Blue Comedy Club.
11. You've heard the horror stories---
why take a chance?


Why Call Limo Toledo First!
Toledo couple, escaped their wedding limousine that
caught on fire over the weekend. Read Article >

Unprofessional and unlicensed limousine services
can scam you out of money and your perfect day.


And remember, we are FULLY LICENSED by the City of Toledo
to legally pick up within city limits anywhere--anytime!

But most important----this is our sole livelihood---we have no other business ventures to run on the
side which distract us from giving you, our customer, the UTMOST ATTENTION to every detail! 

Call us today for your reservation.




limo toledo

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